Our designs based on what pets want & love! All started for our rescue animals💜💜

My Four Cats Designs resulted from years of animals rescue work and adopting cats that needed indoor home environment enrichment. After volunteering for a few years at a local animal rescue, I soon had brought home four young energetic cats (Tristan, Isabel, Fernando, and Bridget) that primarily lived indoors. Continuing to buy mass produced pet products from places like Amazon or pets at home proved costly especially when those products wouldn't last more than a few months. So, my husband, being a career product designer, decided to design and make his own cat trees and beds for our cat kids. We soon realised, from friends and from social media, there are others like us who desire bespoke handmade quality items for their fur kids that will last.

The rescue work and designing didn't stop there though. We often had feral or stray cats that would show up needing food or shelter. The first feral cat that decided to live permanently in our garden was a rotund tabby we named Elvis. Elvis soon needed a outdoor house to protect him from the bitter winter cold and English rainy weather. My husband soon made the first rough prototype of the CatChalet (R). Elvis lived in our garden and slept in his CatChalet every day and night until he was taken in by Cats Protection and rehomed. But it wasn't long before another abandoned, feral cat showed up needing help. Frankie, a gorgeous tuxedo boy, survived two winters living in our finished model CatChalet. Finally, after much patience and love, he trusted us and came indoors. Frankie is now our fifth cat and loves the comfy indoor home life and he continues to be our inspiration for the CatChalet and outdoor cat furniture range we are working on.

For indoors, our CatCottage (R) range is all wood based using materials sourced locally and from across Britain. The cottages can also be personalised with your pets name (in wooden script) as well. There are pattern designs, painted wood, shabby chic and more to choose from. There is a choice of roof (our roof designs are interchangeable with all the cottages) and finished with wood bun feet and comfy cushion inside.

Our CatTree range offers various heights, materials, fabrics and colours. Our signature (and registered) design is the woven, large bowl rope bed that either forms part of our CatTree or can be a stand alone cat bed with soft cushion included.

We design and hand make everything ourselves from our home workshop. Time and care is taken in every step of the process. The most important thing to us is the happiness and welfare of cats and all animals. If our products add in any way to the happiness of an animal then we have succeeded in our personal and professional goal. 

We also started this etsy business to finance our own independent cat rescue we hope to open one day.

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